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Homestays in Chandigarh

The first planned city in India designed by the master architect Le Corbusier- Chandigarh is one of those cities that tops the GDP of the country time and again. Capital to Haryana and Punjab this city is a Union Territory and was voted as the cleanest city in the year 2010. There is much to say about this city which has been built with a lot of thought. Appreciate the beauty of the place by booking Homestays in Chandigarh on your next holiday.
Chandigarh is carpeted under a dense cover of lush greenery thanks to the the number of trees that are planted there like mulberry, eucalyptus, banyan, cassia and others which purifies the air as well as makes the city a green zone. There are a number of other attractions like Rose Garden, Sukhna lake, International Doll Museum, Le Corbusier Center and many other places. There are lovely farms and fields outside city limits too. To getaway from the usual urban holidays visit this state of the art metropolis by Booking Homestays in Chandigarh now!


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