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Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

  • Nov 9th, 2016
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  • Post by: ZaraHutke
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Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

The idea of travelling to India is often glowered upon by foreigners! Reason being some of the myths about India that have gained a lot of popularity in other countries. Simply because humans tend to share shocking experiences / atrocious incidences faster than any inoffensive ordeal. When a person is told six happy incidences and one sad incident, they often share that one sad incident with other people. That’s what has happened. Sadly, people believe that traveling to India will only get them an annoyance, inconvenience, and strife.

But, hey! That’s not true!

India has so much more to offer than the inconvenience you believe you will face. It has vast beaches, calming lakes, picturesque landscapes, amazing architecture, one of the seven wonders, beautiful people, adventurous treks and much more.

Moreover, fervent travelers shouldn’t care about what others say about a place. If you want to travel, you travel! But of course, the world has a lot to comment on, which ceases many from going on a particular route. Many foreign travelers shy away from packing their bags and flying down to India. Mainly because of their distorted notion of the country, that is based on myths about India which are mostly untrue.

As a travel consultant website, it’s our prime duty to wipe off any myths about India that murks India’s image! So, we have listed down 19 common myths about India and busted them with proper reasoning. So, go on and read through the article; you’re soon going to want to fly to India.

Here is a quick overview on the 19 Myths about India [Infographic]

Download: Know the Truths Behind Travelling Myths About India Click Here to Download the FREE Infographic PDF 19 Myths About Travelling To India…Busted! (Infographic)

Myths about India (Infographic)

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Here is a quick overview on the 19 Myths about India

#1. Locals Know It All:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

No! All Locals don’t know it all. Of course, some of them might guide you to where you’re headed. But on a bad day, you will find no help. If you’re thinking of skipping a good guide book on travelling in India under the ruse of thinking all locals know it all, then you’re making a mistake.

Locals in India are extremely friendly and will help you reach your destination but, remember they can help you to a certain extent. So, carry your help on you!

#2. It’s Expensive To Travel In India:

Honestly, whether travelling turns out to be expensive or not totally depends on the traveller. Do you fall under the category of travellers who want to experience immoderate services when travelling? Or stay in 5 star hotels? Yes? Then, travelling will be expensive for you!

Contrary to popular belief, there are some amazing, affordable options available for budget travellers. Cutting down on things like expensive air tickets, food, hotels, will help you travel within a budget. Thus, travelling in India may or may not be expensive depending on your lifestyle.

#3. It’s Unsafe To Travel Anywhere In India:

Indian cities are as developed as the most popular cities in the world. Travelling to Mumbai, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Kolkata, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Leh Ladakh, Manali, Darjeeling and Sikkim is extremely safe.

In fact, these destinations have seen a growth in solo women travellers and they come back with positive reviews. Thus, come to India with a free bird’s mind!

#4. You Will Be Scammed / Robbed:

Why India? You can be scammed / robbed in any part of the world. If you’re prudent enough, then you wouldn’t have to worry about scams anywhere, including in India! Most Indians will welcome you with warm hearts and will make you feel at home, so no worries!

#5. You Will Be Swindled For Extra Cash:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

Many say that when Indians see foreigners they swindle them for extra cash. If you think somebody is charging you a bomb, then you have the option to bargain for the cost.

Moreover, you wouldn’t be swindled for extra cash at all times, may be only when you’re street shopping.

#6. India Is Over Crowded With People:

India is the second largest populated country in the world! Of course, there will be a lot of people! But hey, some parts of the country do offer you solace.

For instance, you could visit Leh Ladakh and realize that there are places in the country with very less population. So, stop worrying about the crowd. Remember, more the merrier!

#7. All of India Is Very Noisy:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

Just like many largely populated countries, India too has places that are extremely noisy, and then it has places which are calm and serene. The noisy bit depends on what part of India will you be visiting. Moreover, the country has so much to offer to every traveller, that the noisy bits can be overlooked.

#8. You Shouldn’t Speak With Strangers In India On A Solo Trip:

Speaking to strangers can be dangerous, and this is a universal fact. Talking to strangers will always be a risk but, it’s a risk worth taking at times.

While it is not always advisable to share personal information or become overly friendly with every random stranger you meet, it is quite safe to speak to people in India, especially in cities, where majority of them are friendly and accommodating.

#9. The Food Will Make You Sick:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

Food is different everywhere. Indian food is heavier than the food most of the foreigners are comfortable eating, but that does not mean every time you consume something here, you will fall sick.

To avoid upsetting your tummy, it is advisable to have food from proper restaurants and not from the street side. Also, make sure you have bottled water, as dirty water is more a cause of worry than actual food itself.

#10. It’s Always Scorching Hot:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

It’s not! India has three seasons. It has monsoon, when it rains and the weather is pleasant. It has winter, when the weather is cold. Summer is hot, well because, summer is supposed to be hot! To avoid summer, you must plan your trip in the months of winter and monsoon.

#11. You Will Be Lonely In India:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

India is one of the best countries to visit when it comes to friendliness of the local people. Most of the people here are extremely friendly and warm. Try to strike a conversation with your neighbour on a train or a bus, or at a hotel and you will never be left unanswered.

Indians are good at making friends and thus, if you seek you will always find company!

#12. Communication Will Be Your Biggest Barrier:

Many people believe that if they don’t speak Hindi, they will have difficulty communicating in India. Well, the truth is, India has more people who speak or understand English than any other country in the world!

Which means, you can converse with Indians in this universal language without worrying about them not understanding. Though to sail safe, speaking basic Hindi won’t do any harm. Thus, communication won’t be a barrier at all!

#13. Taj Mahal Is A Must-Vist When On A Tour In India:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

Taj Mahal being one of the seven wonders of the World, should be on your must-visit list. But, India has a lot to offer apart from Taj Mahal and it’s equally beautiful.

You can visit the Ajmer Fort, Agra Fort, Harmandir Sahib, Lotus temple, Sundarbans and so much more! So, don’t come to India with just Taj Mahal in mind.

#14. The Food All Over India Is Super Spicy:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

Absolutely not. The food comes in different tastes. You can ask your cook to alter your dish and make it less spicy to match your taste buds.

#15. India Is A Dirty Country:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

Well, have you seen India gate? Or Colaba? Or Surat? Mysore ? Chandigarh? They are super clean and posh! In fact, Chandigarh is rated as the cleanest city in India.

If a country takes pride in rating cities on cleanliness factor, then would it be as dirty as you believe? It may not be the cleanest country in the world but, it sure is not the dirtiest country in the world.

#16. There’s Water and Electricity Shortage In India:

India has developed and even the remotest village in the country is supplied with water and electricity. The metropolitan cities in India almost never face electricity shortage. Thus, water and electricity shortage is something that India will make sure it’s guest will not have to worry about.

#17. You Will Find Snake Charmers On Every Street Of India:

No, you will not find snake charmers on every corner of the country. In fact, you would be lucky to find one these days. You can meet some in Rajasthan, if that’s your sole purpose of coming to India. You will be highly disappointed if you expect to find one on the streets of metropolitan cities such as, Mumbai or Delhi.

#18. There’s Very Little To Photograph In India:

Busted : 19 Myths About Travelling To India You Still Believe Are True!

That’s untrue! India has so many captivating and picturesque locations, that you will be spoiled for choices! So, come prepared with your digital camera, batteries and cords!

As I mentioned before, India has a lot to see and thus, offers a lot things you can capture with your camera.

#19. #Final Word:

Now that these 19 myths about India are busted, come visit us soon! We are a bunch of friendly people, with simple life goals and a beautifully scenic country.

Is there any specific myth about India that you’ve heard? Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

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