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10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

  • Sep 7th, 2015
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  • Post by: ZaraHutke
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10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

Weekend getaway is the new trend that is gaining a lot of popularity these days. This is of course a good thing, but only for people who manage to get the Homestays as per their desires!

It’s a disappointment for those who don’t get Homestays / farmhouses for the location they want! And even if they do, it won’t be for the time they want.

Imagine; you’re all excited about going somewhere, you make plans, pack bags, and then at the last moment when you go to book a Homestay / farmhouse, you find out it’s already booked and sold out.

That’s why booking in advance should always be your first priority!

Thus, we collated a list of weekend getaways in Alibaug for the month of October, which you can book now to have a worry-free weekend getaway!

This article is in short a blessing for people who want to take a weekend getaway in and around Alibaug in the next month.

So, read on to find out a property of your liking! Let’s get them booked as quickly as possible.

#1. Luxury Farm house In Zirad, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

This luxury farm house will leave you feeling like you belong to a royal family!

The greenery in the yard of this beautiful farmhouse will ensure a limitless supply of fresh air during your stay there.

So, what is it that you can do there?

This farmhouse is ideal for people who want to have a rejuvenating weekend in Alibaug. The huge swimming pool will ensure that you have some fun time with family and friends, while the fully air conditioned rooms will make sure you have a long, relaxing sleep.
The huge green lawn is ideal to lie down, during the evening. Just imagine how enthralling will it be for you to lay on the lawn and indulge in a heart warming conversation with your friends or family.

Love outdoor games?
You can play Badminton like a professional in this farmhouse!

And the best part is: you can even ride an ATV bike around this house! Imagine how fun would that be!

The entire farmhouse is made with elegant and luxurious decor and the light setting around the house makes it come alive during the night time.

This luxury property ensures that its visitors feel at home, all the while giving them a relaxing atmosphere to make their stay more luxurious and enjoyable!

Want to book this amazing farmhouse ? Go here.
Booking cost: Approx Rs 25,000/- to Rs 30,000/- per night for 12 adults.

#2. Holiday Home In Akshi, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

Do I need to mention how lovely it feels to be away from home and still feel at home?

This Holiday home in Alibaug will make you feel exactly that way!

Do you want to know the best part?
The surroundings of this exquisite holiday home are blessed with a lot of greenery. This alluring view is available from the wide windows of the house.

This holiday home is an amazing place to relax in, with a perfect little sitting arrangement in the lawn, which acts as the cherry on top.

Sanman Holiday home is a home away from home for you to relax and rejuvenate in!

Want to book this tranquillizing holiday home ? Click here.
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 18,000/- per night for 12 adults

#3. Mansion In Awas, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

This mansion is one of those villas you would not want to step out of!

It is well furnished with outdoor sports equipment, hammocks, a large relaxing pool, open air Jacuzzi, with a rough village style swing put up under a tree and a gorgeous family lounge.

Just imagine how fun would it be to get pampered in the open air Jacuzzi or to just sit on the rough village style swing in the night and star gaze with your loved ones.

The house is divided into one master bedroom, 3 guest rooms, and a hall. Food can be delivered at the villa, as it is only equipped with a fridge, toaster and basic cutlery. The best part is that the villa is 10 minutes drive from the beach!

Apart from experiencing the luxury in this affluent house, you can go for a drive or take a walk along the lush green streets of Awas village and lose yourself in its scenic beauty!

Sounds fun ? Go here to book this place!
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 25,000/- to Rs 30,000/- per night for 12 adults.

#4. Farmhouse In Korlai, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

I’m not joking when I say that this property is kissed by high tide waves every day!

This is an ancient styled beach farmhouse, alight on a secluded patch of white sand, with the waves crashing on its walls during high tide. The farmhouse is surrounded by the gorgeous Korlai Fort evocative of the inhabitation of the Portuguese many years ago.

The best part is that this place is surrounded by the sea as well as mountains, making it an amazing location for a holiday. There is no proper inhabitation around this farmhouse, making it an isolated place.

So, if you’re looking for peace and calm, this is the place you want to book!
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 16,000/- to Rs 20,000/- per night for 4 adults.

#5. Chateau In Zirad, Alibau:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

This is a ritzy luxury pool villa based in a quiet and tranquil village of Zirad, Alibaug. It is a 10 minutes drive from the Mandwa Jetty, which is connected by water to the Gateway of India.

The name of this Chateau is Spanish for ‘House Of Moon’ and it is a gorgeous 5 bedroom pool villa, totally deserving of this name. It is surrounded by gorgeous landscaped gardens and orchards of flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables.

This place is ideal for family picnics and get-togethers, with the basic housekeeping services and 24/7 power supply, you can give your family a relaxed and luxurious time to bond and mingle.

Well, it is apt for partying too! The exquisite private swimming pool is a perfect place to spend your weekends in, along with your friends. Imagine how fun would it be to spend your time playing in the water with some beautiful souls accompanying you!

Want to go for it ? Click here.
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 45,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per night for 12 adults.

#6. An Amazing Hearth In Chaul, Alibag:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

This amazing hearth let’s you experience the modern comforts of life in a traditional way. This amazingly beautiful cottage is situated among the greenery of coconut and beetelnut trees.

The place is further complimented by a species of aromatic flower famously known as ‘Bakuli.’ The flower is particularly well known for its fragrance, and people do visit this place for experiencing the pleasant surroundings of this entire place.

The house looks very traditional and gives out positive vibes of peace and harmony. During the night, the house is brought to life with its beautiful lighting. The lights make the house look like it’s celebrating something every night!

Visit this hearth in Chaul in October to rediscover a quiet state and peace of mind.

Don’t waste time, book away now!
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 42,000/- to Rs 47,000/- per night for 12 adults.

#7. A Large Castle In Kihim, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

Want to feel pampered ? Then, this is the weekend getaway for you!

With a pool and luxurious interiors, this pool is sure to become your personal favorite! This house is so luxurious that it sure can make you feel like you belong to a royal family!

The house is complemented with large windows and there is greenery all around the house. The interiors too are lavish, making the entire property look eye pleasing.

This house was reviewed by some of the most well known magazines, such as, Elle, Travel Plus, Traveller, Et Travel and more.

Looking for a luxurious stay over the weekend ? This one is it! Imagine the pleasure you would experience as you star gaze relaxing in the swimming pool.
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 12,500/- to Rs 15,000/- per night per couple.

#8. A Condo In Awas, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

Sometimes better things have to be replicated in order to make a larger group of people happy!

This condo is an extension of the above property. One property is in Kihim and the other in Awas. Though not identical, they both sure are luxurious and posh to live in!

With amazing interiors this property is a must visit, if you wish to feel pampered! Unlike the other beach house, this property has a bigger swimming pool and more lavish rooms.

Want to book this property ? Go here.
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 12,500/- to Rs 15,000/- per night per couple.

#9. Country Home In Nagaon, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

This country home is located 6kms away from the primary city of Alibaug, in Nagaon Village. The cottage is very close to the beach of Nagoan and is a comfortable place to live in.

Just imagine how wonderful will it be to spend a weekend relaxing and breathing fresh air here at the country home in Nagaon. Nagaon beach is surrounded by tall trees, which make the beach look beautiful and give a calming feel.

During the night, the place looks extremely lively as the sky is clear and full of stars. Star gazing while lying down on the beach of Nagaon is absolutely safe and fascinating!

With fully air conditioned bedrooms, spacious dining area and 24/7 electricity, this place is a gem on the Nagaon beach.

Go book now, before it’s no longer available!
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 5,000/- to Rs 7,000/- per night per couple.

#10. A Boutique Resort In Chorande, Mapgaon, Alibaug:

10 Handpicked Weekend Getaways in Alibaug you Must visit!

This boutique resort is a one of its kind Boutique resort situated in Chorande, Alibaug. With multiple things to do, this boutique resort sits on an ideal location amid the water. The flora and fauna around this place is just mesmerizing.

With 22 air conditioned rooms and over 30 exciting activities to befit the needs of every guest, this resort is perfect if you wish to relax and rejuvenate your senses and go back to your life refreshed and energetic.

Within the premises of this amazing boutique resort is a pond full of adorable looking geese. The people working there fondly call it Goose Pond. These geese are sure to be a real entertainment for both you and your kids!

Some of the amazing features of this boutique resort are an open air coffee shop, a meditation center, a tree house, hammock among the tall trees of this place, a swimming pool and a poolside upper deck, it also has a reading corner at the Poolside upper deck and more.

For the people looking to arrange meetings, this place also has a 125 seat auditorium, and a conference room with video conference facility!

They also have arrangements for indoor sports activities like table tennis, squash, pool and also board games!

To add to this, they also have an indoor movie theatre, a gym and a spa room!

This boutique resort is THE place you have to visit once in your life! Then why not this October?

Go book before it’s booked out ! Go here.
Booking Cost: Approx Rs 7,000/- to Rs 10,000/- per night per couple.

There it is! I’ve listed 10 of the most amazing resorts and Homestays in Alibaug.
All you have to do now is select the one which allures you the most.

To book visit our website, and hey, don’t delay! The places will get booked quicker than you can zero down on a place!

Looking forward to hear from you, contact us here!

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