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Homestays in Kodaikanal

Tamil Nadu’s gem, Kodaikanal is a traveller’s paradise! With its multifarious plant life and faunal diversity, this place has earned the precious moniker of ‘Gift of Nature’! Blessed with glorious indigenous flora, homestays in Kodaikanal are a refreshing experience for city dwellers who crave for fresh air and unpolluted atmosphere! Located at a high altitude, this place is a dream come true for trekkers and hikers alike. Spiraling creepers, spring-green ferns and cattleya-colored Kurinji flowers, Kodaikanal homestays ensure a reinvigorating holiday for everyone!
Apparently, the name Kodaikanal derives from the words that mean ‘Summer Forest’ and a homestay in Kodaikanal will reveal to you just why. This little Elysium was a home to the Paliyar tribe, and later occupied by the British during their period of sovereignty. As a consequence, it isn’t uncommon to see a mix of faiths and religions in this region. This location is surrounded by dense Shola forests and an untainted ambience, which made it a favorite with the British officials then, and a hotspot for contemporary travelers now! A Kodaikanal homestay is your best bet for a refreshing holiday!
What better way to get acquainted with the culture of a place, than to begin with the local food! Start your day with a Masala Chai, some delicious breakfast of puttu and head for the scenic locales during your Kodaikanl homestay! Dosas and lipsmacking Sambhars are traditional foodstuffs of south India, and can be relished at Kodaikanal too. The food is inevitably laden with spices and cooked in coconut milk, a combination that renders the cuisine delectable and amazing!
Take a calm stroll amidst the extensive landscape of eucalyptus trees and sprawling meadows! There is absolutely no dearth of locations for leisurely walks, as you will discover at affordable homestays in Kodaikanal. Visit the Kurinji Temple. Choose to meander along the serene Coaker’s walk, or relax at the Berijam lake. Check out the Solar Observatory and learn about the Fraunhofer spectrum, or head towards the perilous Devil’s kitchen! Soak in the beautiful vistas of Silent Valley View and Kodai Lake, get drenched in the Cascade Falls! If you’re a bit of a wildlife enthusiast, do check Bryant park off your list! Kodaikanal homestays have everything for everyone!


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