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Homestays In Uttarakhand

Unearth the secrets of the Land of Gods and Goddesses! Feel the sanctity, embrace the picturesque scenery. Homestays in Uttarakhand are a sojourn in Paradise! The alpine beauty and undulating rivers instantly project a vision so breathtaking, and so ethereal – you just cannot have enough of it! Blessed with a mosaic of plants and a diverse range of animals, this place is a gem in the north of India. The awe-inspiring scenery renders a magical aura around the whole place! Book affordable Uttarakhand homestays to experience the unparalleled charm of this land!

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An Uttarakhand homestay will acquaint you with the natives from Garhwal and Kumaon, the two regions of the land. The two rivers, Ganga and Yamuna, find their provenance in this region. Surrounded by the snow-capped ranges of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is a holy place. Known to devotees as the ultimate pilgrimage destination, for the less spiritual travelers, this is a place of incredible wildlife, botanical surprises and locations that infuse life into that jaded soul! Uttarakhand homestays will reveal a history that is rich and fascinating!


At a homestay in Uttarakhand, you can taste the rich, splendid cuisine of the two regions. The platter from Kumaon and Garhwal, are appealing and ambrosial. Do try the Chainsoo and Gahat Chapatis of Garhwal, and the delicious Jhangora ki Kheer of Kumaon! If that doesn’t satiate your appetite you could always taste Alu ke Gutke and some taste, light Urad ke Pakode. Homestays in Uttarakhand are a rewarding experience for foodies and gourmets!


Finding beautiful locales hereis not much of a laborious task. Step out of your Uttarakhand homestay, and you will be greeted by compelling beauty. Visit the Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve, and spot majestic creatures on a jungle safari! If Kumaon boasts of regal tigers, Garhwal rivals it with its Valley of Flowers, that hosts multitudes of floral beauties! Medtate at Rishikesh, or check out the magnificent Mindroling Monastery! If you wish to make the homestay in Uttarakhand more exciting, you can even try your hand at jet-skiing, mountaineering, or partake in the Jhanda and Bissu fairs. Holidays have never been more thrilling!

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