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Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

So that fifth espresso too couldn’t perk you up? Stash away that stockpile of work that’s bogging you down, and head straight for a weekend getaway from Mumbai! Close to the city contours, but curtaining the chaos and the din of the metropolitan, these holiday options suit the hectic pace and time constraints of the worldly life! Escape from the fracas, and settle into the arms of lush greenery or indulge in some thrilling adventure sports! Ditch the city lights for weekend getaways from Mumbai!

Whether you’re looking forward to some well-deserved rest and tranquillity, or an action-packed holiday, a weekend getaway from Mumbai has the answer to all. Discover the verdant landscapes and the cascading waterfalls. Stand at altitudinous points that offer splendid sweeping views of the misty mountaintops and the undulating rivers! Or choose to discover ancient caves that boast of ingenious craftsmanship of centuries ago! An affordable weekend getaway from Mumbai is what you want it to be – an Elysium of relaxation, or a fun dive into the past!

Budget weekend getaways from Mumbai are not just an opportunity to explore ancient forts, but also offer avenues for trying some exciting sports! Grab the chance to enjoy jet-skiing and water-scooter rides! Scale small hummocks or massive cliffs, as you go rappelling and mountaineering. Book weekend getaways from Mumbai, and make sure you spend your Saturday and Sunday not in the same old pub, but in novel revelry! If you’re a spiritual soul, then these getaways have no dearth of temples and shrines too. For foodies, the local cuisine can throw some real culinary surprises. Isn’t that a real heady combination?

Surrounding the concrete jungle of Mumbai, are areas of abundant woods and canopies of foliage. Areas that are lush green. Where you can sit and sip Masala Chai, without the intrusion of traffic din. Areas where the flawless bisque beaches offer an exquisite view of the sunset, as you lounge on the sand. From old murals to new parks, a weekend getaway from Mumbai has something for everyone! Book your mini-vacation now – fun-filled camping in the forests, boating and refreshing coconut water. Monday mornings are going to be cheerful and sprightly. Now that’s a first! Weekend getaways from Mumbai await you!

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