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Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

Spending time at the same lounge this weekend … again? How about replacing that with a Saturday jam-packed with mountaineering. Maybe a relaxed Sunday near the gushing waters of a cascade. Weekend getaways near Mumbai offer you just that! Accessible from the city, these are the perfect antidote to the routine and the mundane activities. Fresh air, untainted atmosphere and a plethora of things to do! Whether it’s just sightseeing and relaxation in a placid ambience, or exciting bike rides. Make your weekend special. Book affordable weekend getaways near Mumbai now!

A weekend getaway near Mumbai, is the best way to rejuvenate and revitalize. With options like canoeing and river-rafting, your mini-holiday is bound to be abuzz with activity and enjoyment! Watch your step as you attempt to scale the smallest hillocks or the tallest hilltop! Explore the flora of the deep ravines, or try our hand at angling. Why go to the movies, when you have thrilling alternatives in the offing?! Saturday and Sundays have never been more exciting! Book a weekend getaway near Mumbai right away, at economical prices!

If you’re a team of wildlife enthusiasts or a group of budding photographers, these getaways are a real treat. Exotic birds, serene lakes and mist-laden mountains make for glorious scenery that will have you rapt with attention! Weekend getaways near Mumbai offer enjoyable experiences; sleep in a tent under the moonlit-sky, or enjoy some authentic rural cuisine! Go paragliding – enjoy the exhilarating, breath-taking aerial view of the locations! Or enjoy those much-needed forty winks on a hammock, under the shade of palm fronds. Exciting and thrilling, or peaceful and enchanting – a weekend getaway near Mumbai is all you want it to be!

When you’re in the mood for some respite from the banal Saturdays and Sundays, when long drives and the gold ol’ pint do not work their charm, it’s time to head straight for weekend getaways near Mumbai! With abundant sights to see, and a multitude of things to do, who knew that a whole novel world of exciting avenues lay within reach! Close to Mumbai, yet so different. Experience a holiday that is memorable – book a weekend getaway near Mumbai right now!

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